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What is a 1031 Exchange?

Defer taxes when buying and selling commercial or investment real estate

Generally, the sale of a real property, such as an office building, rental house, apartment building or strip mall, is a taxable event which creates a tax liability to the seller. However, Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code allows for taxes to be deferred for a qualifying exchange of like-kind property, in which you buy one piece of real estate to replace another.

If you’re selling a business or investment real estate property and buying another, Section 1031 may enable you to defer capital gains and other tax liability on the transaction. But it’s crucial that the transaction be structured as an exchange that complies with “safe harbor” IRS regulations that apply to Section 1031 exchanges. Just remember: an exchange is eligible for tax deferral; a sale followed by a purchase is not.

The “Like-Kind” Requirement

One of the criteria for qualification under Section 1031 is that the two properties involved in the transaction must be “of like kind.” Thankfully, in the case of real estate, the “like-kind” requirement is very easy to satisfy — typically, any business or investment real property may be exchanged for any other.

Increased Purchasing Power

Using a Section 1031 exchange enables the seller to reinvest the cash from the sale that would otherwise be paid to the IRS into more or better property.

To demonstrate this, here’s a simple example assuming an individual taxpayer with a $2 million sale, a $1,200,000 gain, 5% closing costs, no indebtedness encumbering the property, and a 23.8% total effective tax rate*:

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