What EB-5 Regional Centers Should Expect During Site Visits

Fraud Detection and National Security (FDNS) is the Directorate within USCIS responsible for identifying fraud, as well as threats to national security and public safety, within the US immigration system. And if your regional center is subject to an impromptu government site visit, they’re the ones you’ll likely find at your door.

Instances of such site visits are on the rise, and although the visits may come on the back of some suspicion, they may also be random — meaning that every regional center, no matter how careful and law-abiding, should take steps to prepare.

In this week’s article, “What EB-5 Regional Centers Should Expect During Site Visits,” attorney Larry Behar explains the protocols of FNDS site visits, provides a primer on which documents you should have handy to share, and outlines an appropriate action plan for dealing with the FDNS agents — from verifying their identities when they arrive to following up with your legal counsel after they’ve left.

Don’t be caught unawares. Read the article here: “What EB-5 Regional Centers Should Expect During Site Visits”

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