Webinar offers EB-5 loan administration insights

On Friday, October 16, 2015, NES Financial hosted the Preparing for I-829 Success: Best Practices in EB-5 Loan Administration, featuring EB-5 industry leaders Rupy Cheema of EB-5 Diligence, Laura Reiff of Greenberg Traurig, Mona Shah of Mona Shah & Associates, and Reid Thomas of NES Financial.

The expert panel discussed best practices for EB-5 loan administration, key issues projects may encounter when trying to service an EB-5 loan in-house, and the importance of working with a third party administrator at all stages of the EB-5 process.

Several audience members expressed interest in the hybrid model of EB-5. Though the majority of EB-5 projects are structured as a loan from the NCE to the JCE, around 3% of the investments NES Financial works with are structured as preferred equity instead.

Panelists explained that in some cases a portion of the project’s investors will use the equity structure while a Regional Center’s designation by the USCIS is pending, qualifying for EB-5 visas through direct investment, and the remainder will invest using the loan model after the Regional Center has been approved.

Demand for hybrid model projects may increase as USCIS processing times lengthen; the temporary extension of the Regional Center program, pending longer-term renewal and new compliance requirements December 11th, has continued to drive Regional Center and exemplar filings — termed the “double bubble” by Thomas.

To learn more, watch a recording of the webinar now:

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