New year, new product. What better way to start off 2013 than with not one, but two new EB-5 products from NES Financial?

The latest and greatest products, EB-5 Construction Escrow and EB-5 Capital Returns Escrow Solutions are built by our in-house market experts, using their proven methodology for solutions by marrying our industry leading professional services team and our eSTAC technology.  We have worked to ensure our new solutions integrate seamlessly with our widely adapted EB-5 Subscription Escrow Solution.

With these additional solutions, we offer the only end-to-end solution specifically designed to drive efficiencies and reduce risks for everyone involved in the EB-5 process.

The EB-5 Construction Escrow Solution, designed for the project construction phase, manages and tracks investor funds as they flow into the development project. The flexible structure of the solution allows for even the most complex draw-down arrangements, saving time and money for lending entities and developers.

The EB-5 Capital Returns Escrow Solution ensures that EB-5 investors’ cash is held securely, and that all debits and credits are properly allocated and tracked from initial funding through the life of the investment. Quick to set up and deploy, the solution automatically tracks balances including management fees, interest and pay downs, and facilitates regular progress reporting for investors.

These new product offerings for the EB-5 market demonstrate a tenet that we at NES Financial are proud to be known for, listening to our customers.  The marketplace has demonstrated a need and we’ve worked quickly and tirelessly to once again provide solutions that benefit EB-5 projects with added transparency, efficiency and expertise.

For more information on our new products read the full press release here. To schedule a meeting to see a demo of the two new products email us.

As a company we care deeply about what will be valuable for our current and future customers. If you have feedback for us (specifically me here looking after products) we’d love to hear from you. Catch us in the comments/Twitter/LinkedIn/Facebook etc.