The USCIS releases Q4 EB-5 petition statistics

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) released updated processing times and statistics for EB-5 petitions this week.

Processing times for EB-5 petitions remain lengthy. As of September 30, 2015, adjudication of I-526 petitions averaged 14.4 months, I-829 processing averaged 15.4 months, and I-924 petitions were adjudicated in an average of 11.6 months.

For Q4 of FY15:



With renewal of the EB-5 Regional Center Program pending, many issuers hoped that filing project exemplar or I-526 petitions prior to the September 30th sunset date would result in their projects being “grandfathered” under the current lower investment amount.

As a result, filing of I-526 petitions increased dramatically; in Q4, more I-526 petitions were filed than in FY13 altogether.

For I-526 petitions over the course of FY15:

QuarterReceivedApprovedDeniedadjudications% denialPending
Increased by:


As projects scrambled to file before September 30th, the risk of project denial grew higher.

The increased rate of I-526 denial in Q4 is likely only the beginning; denials will likely only increase as petitions filed during the “September 30th bubble” are adjudicated.

The number of pending I-526 petitions has also increased dramatically as a result of increased filing in Q4.

When compared with the previous two fiscal years, FY15 I-526 petition data is as follows:

FYI-526 ReceivedI-526 approvedI-526 deniedTotal I-526 adjudicationsI-526 pending


For I-829 petitions:

FYI-829 ReceivedI-829 ApprovedI-829 deniedTotal I-829 adjudicationsI-829 pending


The growth of the program and increases in EB-5 petition filing have continued to outpace the USCIS’s ability to adjudicate petitions.

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