Now is the Perfect Time to Consider Doing a 1031 Exchange Before the Year Ends

The property market is heating up, with more and more transactions taking place. If you are thinking about buying and selling your investment property, consider doing a 1031 exchange to defer the taxes. As the year-end nears, now is the perfect time to reap those tax benefits before it is too late.

A 1031 exchange is a great way to defer taxes by allowing you to sell property and also buy “like-kind” property within 180 days after the sale of your existing property. If you sell your property first and then buy a new one, a 1031 forward exchange is the way to go. However, a 1031 reverse exchange can be done instead if you have located your desired property and must acquire it before you can sell your existing property.

NES Financial is one of the few 1031 Qualified Intermediaries in the country that has the experience and expertise to facilitate all types of 1031 exchanges – forward, reverse, and program. We process over $85 billion in transactions annually and saved our customers over $33 billion in taxes in 2013 alone. Our 1031 Exchange Solutions were made to handle any size exchange, from the biggest to the smallest.

What day other than today would be the perfect time to find out how to get started on your 1031 exchange? Contact us to find out how we can help you meet your business needs.

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