EB-5 Medallion Projects

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Increase Project Marketability with an Award
of Distinction

Set Your EB-5 Project Apart with Greater Security, Transparency, and Compliance

Whether you are just starting out or have an established EB-5 track record, implementing one or more of NES Financial’s industry-leading Intelligent EB-5 Solutions entitles your project to receive an NES Financial Medallion.  This award signifies to all stakeholders that the highest levels of administration excellence in the critically important areas of security, transparency, and compliance have been implemented.

Recognition Has Its Rewards

Signals the implementation of EB-5 administration best practices

Builds investor confidence and project marketability

Advances and maintains Regional Center industry standards

Industry recognition through NES Financial’s foreign website

Learn How to Qualify for an NES Financial Medallion

NES Financial Medallion Projects are recognized both domestically and abroad. Find out how you can qualify for the EB-5 project program.


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