Ensuring EB-5 Program Success from Start to Finish

A Comprehensive and Integrated Set of
EB-5 Administration Solution Suites

NES Financial EB-5 Administration Solution Suites provide a comprehensive and integrated approach to successfully administering the entire EB-5 program life cycle – from solving multi-faceted escrow and depository requirements, to streamlining multi-level fund administration, to providing fully compliant audit trails for issuers, investors and regulators.

EB-5 Program Life Cycle and Administration Solution Suites

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While each Solution Suite can be deployed independently, when integrated they become a comprehensive end-to-end solution, providing greater project marketability, administration efficiency and risk reduction.

Capital Administration Solution Suite

This best practice approach to EB-5 administration is designed to maximize the needs of issuers to raise and deploy capital faster while minimizing risk to investors, and providing verifiable third-party oversight to regulators.


Process Administration Solution Suite

A cornerstone for ensuring EB-5 project success and significantly lowering operating costs, this suite efficiently tracks, stores and reports the information required by the USCIS and SEC for compliance and Green Card issuance.


Accounting Administration Solution Suite

This back-office solution streamlines the complexity of servicing structured EB-5 funds and loans with greater efficiency, accuracy and compliance, providing best practice assurance to investors and regulatory agencies.