Complex Financial Transactions and Processes Made Easy

NES Financial provides companies in the commercial real estate, legal, and M&A markets with the expertise, technology, and administrative resources to quickly make the complex easy.  The company delivers the ability to tailor highly scalable solutions that address complicated needs in fund administration, workflow automation, and regulatory compliance.  The result is that NES Financial customers consistently experience substantial gains in operational and capital efficiency, and do so in record time.

  • Fund AdministrationNES Financial delivers back office and middle office fund administration solutions that lower risk, reduce costs, and provide the highest level of accuracy for even the largest and most complex fund administration needs
  • Escrow AdministrationNES Financial understands the complex environment of laws and compliance requirements for escrows in the U.S.  The company has a proven track record of providing independent escrow administration across multiple disciplines to many of the largest companies in the country
  • EB-5 SolutionsNES Financial’s EB-5 administration solutions set the bar for expertise, efficiency, and risk management and have been involved in more successful EB-5 projects than any other company in the marketplace
  • 1031 ExchangesNES Financial has market-leading expertise in structuring 1031 exchanges and administrative services that have made the company the largest and most reliable provider of 1031 exchange services in the U.S.

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