Save Taxes and Maximize Reinvestment of Capital with a 1031 Exchange

Kelly Alton, General Counsel of NES Financial, recently published an article in the New York Real Estate Journal discussing 1031 exchanges in the emerging real estate market. View the digital edition of the journal.

NES Financial works with REITs and real estate investors to optimize diversify and grow their real estate portfolios by deferring taxes on property sales. Exchange funds are held in highly secure, liquid escrow or trust accounts with top-tier banking partners that have been vetted for sound practices and solid capital reserves.

As a leading Qualified Intermediary (QI), NES Financial offers an unsurpassed level of expertise and experience in conducting smooth and secure Forward Exchanges and works closely with clients and their advisers through every stage of the exchange. NES Financial’s comprehensive services include:

  • Opening a new exchange account and working closely with clients and their advisers through every stage of the exchange
  • Establishing a Qualified Escrow or Qualified Trust account to hold and protect the proceeds from the sale of the relinquished property
  • Assisting with timely notifications of deadlines
  • Persistent digital archive of executed exchange documentation

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For more information on 1031 exchanges get our 1031 Exchange Solution kit.

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