Save Money When Selling Your Aircraft with a 1031 Exchange

When it comes time to sell your aircraft, a 1031 exchange is the best way to help you defer taxes and save money. Under IRC Section 1031, companies and individuals who exchange their old aircraft for a new one can achieve substantial tax savings by deferring capital gains tax or depreciation recapture upon the disposition of the old aircraft.

As a leading provider of forward, reverse, and program 1031 exchanges, NES Financial offers unmatched expertise in facilitating 1031 aircraft exchanges. As the aviation industry’s premier Qualified Intermediary for more than a decade, we provide:

  • Compliant, customizable 1031 exchange solutions
  • A highly qualified team of experts
  • Fully automated audit trail capabilities
  • 24/7 account access for utmost transparency
  • Stringent security measures

Contact us today to learn how we can help you structure your aircraft 1031 exchange to save money.

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