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Opportunity Zones Industry Experts Share Their Insights

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Arm your business with the latest insights from OZ industry experts.

A Free NES Financial Webinar
Recorded on Wednesday, April 17, 2019 | 11am PT

Rapidly evolving Treasury regulations.
Trillions of dollars in potential investment.
New OZ Funds forming almost daily.

It’s an exciting time for the young Opportunity Zones industry. As Treasury rules are finalized and the first OZ Funds break ground, the coming months will see longer-term market and regulatory conditions take shape. Still have questions? You’re not alone.

Watch this free webinar recording, in which our panel of industry experts share up-to-the-minute insights on each facet of the rapidly developing Opportunity Zones space.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Up-to-the-minute OZ market status report (fund creation and capitalization, types of projects, etc.)
  • New regulations and how they’ll affect your business (latest IRS guidance and legal action related to OZ)
  • Real-world case studies from active OZ Funds
  • Current best practices in OZ tracking, reporting, and third-party oversight

Who attended?

  • Current and aspiring fund managers
  • Developers and entrepreneurs
  • Tax and securities attorneys
  • Economists and business consultants
  • Current and prospective OZ Fund investors

Seize the opportunity. Listen to the recording today.

Watch Recording
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