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Insights from EB-5 Sector Experts eBook

At NES Financial, we have the unique opportunity to work with many of the leading experts across the EB-5 ecosystem. As such, we have gathered many of these experts and Medallion Program Partners together to compile articles on a variety of hot industry topics to help you navigate through the EB-5 sector.

We are happy to announce the first ever NES Financial eBook, Navigating a Changing EB-5 Sector: Insights from Experts is now available. This informative eBook includes articles on a variety of pertinent industry topics with a wide range of perspectives from our Medallion Partners, who are industry leading expert immigration attorneys, securities attorneys, economists, and business plan writers.

Articles touch on relevant issues in the EB-5 industry, including:

  • The overlooked role of the USCIS in EB-5.
  • Is the EB-5 Regional Center “pure” rental model sustainable?
  • An explanation of the immigrant visa backlog for Chinese EB-5 investors.
  • The impact of high volatility commercial real estate rules on EB-5 Investments.
  • Procedures and options for accepting minors as investors in EB-5 Investment Funds.
  • The importance of the EB-5 Business Plan.
  • And much more!

Stay up-to-date on current topics and issues facing the EB-5 sector by downloading this eBook and reading what experts are saying.

Download your free copy of this informational eBook today!


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