Redeployment Raises Questions and Increases Litigation Risks to EB-5 Sponsors

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Two years after USCIS last published changes to their Policy Manual regarding EB-5 fund redeployment requirements, many questions still remain unanswered, and EB-5 issuers have largely been left to navigate the redeployment space on a “best efforts” basis.

But this doesn’t always work out — in fact, in the last two years, litigation against NCEs as a result of the selection and/or approval process of a reinvestment has only become more common.

In this week’s featured article, attorney Cathy Holmes (Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell LLP) describes some of the questions that arise in connection with redeployment decisions, and offers thoughts on how sponsors may address the inherent risks of the redeployment process.

Read the article: “Redeployment Raises Questions and Increases Litigation Risks to EB-5 Sponsors”


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