NES Financial Private Equity Webinar July 2020

Outsourcing Private Equity Fund Administration: Best Practices

A free webinar recording by JTC Americas
Recorded Wednesday, July 22, 2020 | 11:00 A.M. PT/ 2:00 P.M. ET

Could third-party administration unlock your fund’s potential?

Outsourcing fund administration is a big decision, and one that many fund managers have historically been reluctant to make. However, over the past few years, investor needs have driven increased administrative demand on funds of all sizes, and many GPs have begun to realize that in-house fund administration is often a misuse of precious resources.

The question remains: If you’re going to move to third-party fund administration, how do you do so securely and cost effectively? It should, in theory, be possible to outsource fund administration in a way that frees bandwidth, boosts investor satisfaction, and actually lowers your operating expenses… but the steps needed to get there aren’t always obvious.

In this free webinar recording, JTC Americas hosted a panel of experts discussing crucial considerations in outsourcing private equity fund administration, and best practices to follow when choosing the nature, and extent, of the administrator’s role. 

Here’s what we discuss in the recording:

  • Why outsource at all?
  • How to vet independent administration options (e.g., are they using the same off-the-shelf tech as everyone else?)
  • How to leverage third-party administration to attract and keep investors
  • The benefits of scale: why flexibility may be the most important attribute in a fund administrator
  • The client’s perspective: a case study in adopting third-party administration

Who should watch?

  • Fund managers and GPs
  • Investors
  • Registered investment advisors
  • Accountants
  • Fund lawyers

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Wouter Platenga JTC

Wouter Plantenga
ICS Head of Group Client Services,
JTC Group

Michael Richards NES Financial

Michael Richards
Head of Fund Administration – USA,
JTC Americas

Thomas Powell Resolute Capital

Thomas J. Powell
Senior Managing Partner,
Resolute Capital Partners

Bill Salus Paddock Consultancy

William (Bill) Salus
Founder & CEO,
Paddock Consultancy