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Meet the People of NES Financial: Vice President of Business Development Chet Hayman

Chet Hayman knows — Bostonians are enjoying a golden era of sports. Just months after his New England Patriots pulled off the greatest Super Bowl comeback of all time, his Celtics punched their ticket to the Eastern Conference Finals and won the 2017 NBA Draft lottery. The Red Sox? Hayman doesn’t miss a beat except to preface it with an infectious laugh: “There’s 2004.”

Born and raised inprivate equity business Boston, Hayman knows — he roots for his hometown teams, banks on focused approaches rather being a Jack-of-all-trades, views the glass always brimming with opportunity, never half-empty. In his own words, he’s “been known to catch some good fish” — but doesn’t golf, hunt, play soccer, softball, or basketball.

After an hour with the new VP, the affable, optimistic, focused, father of two showed nuances to his otherwise straightforward brand of Boston.

Q: What do you do at NES Financial and how does your work impact the company?

CH: I’m the Vice President of Business Development in Sales for the Private Equity business unit. You can think of me as “the boots on the ground” guy for the company’s private equity solution. In addition to meeting with fund managers, I take on an “emissary” role and attend a couple of conferences every month or so to get the name out there and to see what’s being pushed as the latest and greatest technologies in the industry. So you can think of me as somewhere in between “boots on the ground” and “brand ambassador.”

Q: Why did you decide to join NES Financial?

CH: It was a value play. I joined NES Financial because I saw a tremendous amount of value of companies with focus and one that addresses the needs of the industry. When I saw the solutions and services that NES Financial offered to the smaller EB-5 market and the reputation it had in that industry, I knew it would be a perfect fit.  I knew I wasn’t looking at a “niche provider” but rather a focused company with a strong track record of success, impressive technologies, and clarity in vision.

Q: Have you always been interested in technology?

CH: Well I started my career in sales at Oracle right at the turn of the century and it was just a few years before tech really exploded. It was new to me. It was new to everyone. I wanted to be a fireman when I was younger—big trucks and stuff like that. But I remember when Google got on the scene and it was like a win-win for everyone. How can you not be interested in technology if it is taking care of an issue in the industry or in society and it is a win for everyone?

Q: Do you remember your first Google search?

CH: That’s tricky. That was awhile ago. But now that you mention it, it was about traveling to Toronto. The company I was with was just opening up an office in Chicago at the time and I was getting ready to make a trip from Chicago to Toronto for a conference. I don’t remember much about the conference but I do remember thinking how fast—and how simple—that Google search was.

Q: What’s your favorite part about working at NES Financial?

CH: The people and the product. The people are great. There’s a good culture, a lot of positivity, and a lot of focus. I liked that I came in with the kind of support I got from upper level management and then the access to different people. That’s what I think makes the company tick – at least for me – a lot of good communication, an open door policy that isn’t articulated in the employee handbook but rather by a lot of talking and a general willingness to help. The private equity solution is a win-win. Those are really the only products I’ll sell.

Q: Let’s wrap up by looking ahead: where do you see NES Financial in 5 years?

CH: Household name. Award winning solution. Pioneers in private equity fund administration.