Parsing the Latest USCIS Redeployment Language

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Following on previous submissions by attorneys Julianne Opet and Osvaldo Torres, this week’s featured article discusses the often confounding matter of “redeployment” — the reinvestment of EB-5 funds necessary if, due to retrogression, the applicant’s I-829 petition has not yet been adjudicated at the time of initial project completion.

In his article, titled “Redeployment in Light of New Policy Manual Guidelines Published on June 14, 2017,” attorney Ronald Fieldstone specifically addresses the language used in last summer’s update to the USCIS Policy Manual, seeking to make sense of guidelines he says have “created unintended consequences.”

Read the article: “Redeployment in Light of New Policy Manual Guidelines Published on June 14, 2017

Greystone, Capital United and NES Financial Launch EB-5 Redeployment Vehicle

NES Financial has partnered with Greystone and Capital United to create an EB-5 Redeployment Program, representing industry best practices for security, transparency and compliance in this challenging new area.

Designed to balance the needs of investors and NCEs (New Commercial Enterprises) with the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program “at-risk” requirements and SEC regulations, this groundbreaking end-to-end redeployment solution allows NCEs to reinvest funds securely and in compliance with government requirements.

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