Reasonable due diligence when selecting a potential investment is a crucial part of the EB-5 process: the choice of investment vehicle can mean the difference between a successful visa petition and total loss of capital. And since the majority of all EB-5 investment is made through the regional center program, in practice, due diligence primarily means being smart about picking a regional center.

With so much at stake, it’s important that EB-5 investors seek out clear, correct, and up-to-date advice on proper regional center vetting, and that they be aware of common blind spots in the process — or hire someone who is.

In, Commonly Overlooked Factors of Importance when Performing EB-5 Due Diligence, Michael Gibson outlines and explains six major mistakes that uneducated investors and advisers make when achieving EB-5 compliance. These include:

  • Blind reliance on a regional center’s reputation
  • Cost-of-capital calculations based on faulty assumptions
  • Ignorance of current feasibility studies and valuations
  • Lack of transparency in the administration of funds

He also highlights the ways in which these errors can, in the worst of cases, lead to both failure of the green card petition and loss of invested capital.

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