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At NES Financial, we’ve put together an industry-leading track record of 1031 success, over tens of thousands of transactions and more than 25 years in the business. Our in-house counsel developed significant 1031 guidance while working at the IRS National Office. And we’ve built a cutting-edge administration platform, called eSTAC®, from the ground up to maximize your transaction security and transparency.

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When you are selling and buying investment real estate and want significant tax savings, a 1031 exchange allows you to defer taxes from gains on sales and depreciation recapture.

NES Financial is the nation’s leading qualified intermediary, providing secure, transparent, and compliant 1031 exchanges. We offer a team of experts, highly-secure technology, top-tier custodial banking partners, and proven escrow and trust solutions designed to facilitate complex 1031 exchange transactions.

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Looking for more information about 1031 exchanges? You’ve come to the right place. Click through the FAQ below for quick answers to common questions.

What is a 1031 Exchange?2018-08-21T17:37:48-07:00

If you’re selling one business or investment real estate property and buying another, a 1031 exchange may allow you to defer capital gains and other tax liability on the transaction. This can effectively strengthen your purchasing power, increasing the funds you have available to invest in the new property.

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What are the rules of a 1031 Exchange?2018-08-21T17:38:13-07:00

Sellers have 45 days to identify their replacement property after a sale, and 180 days after the sale to close, if they are to qualify for a like-kind exchange under Section 1031.

However, a third-party qualified intermediary (QI) should hold the sales proceeds in escrow in between these two events.

“Reverse” exchanges, in which the new property is purchased before the sale of the old one, are also possible, but they require special handling to comply with IRS guidance.

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How to do a 1031 Exchange?2018-08-21T17:38:21-07:00

In short: 1) choose a property to sell, 2) choose a property to buy, and then 3) hire a qualified intermediary (QI) to facilitate the exchange.

The tax rules applicable to Section 1031 exchanges are complex and highly time-sensitive. This places a great responsibility on the QI to be responsive and act according to so-called “safe harbor” rules, which ensure compliance.

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How to choose a Qualified Intermediary (QI)?2018-08-21T17:38:31-07:00

A good qualified intermediary is more than a bank account, more than just a parking space for your cash. Your QI should be fluent in legal, tax and exchange matters, and should work with you to manage the entire exchange process, from start to finish.

Here’s what you should look for when choosing a 1031 QI:

  • Segregated bank accounts with dual-signature authorization for disbursements
  • Fully transparent, 24/7 visibility into funds’ status and transaction information
  • Fidelity bond coverage
  • Errors and omissions insurance
  • Expert legal team
  • Renowned, responsive support and client services team
  • Voluntary annual audit of technologies, business practices and operating procedures

Of course, stewarding your exchange funds through the 1031 process securely and transparently is the minimum you should expect, but a good QI should also anticipate your needs, support and serve you at every step along the way.

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