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What is EB5 and how does it benefit the United States?

What is EB-5? The EB-5 immigrant investor program enables foreign nationals who seek permanent resident status in the U.S. to invest capital in commercial enterprises that create local jobs and satisfy certain requirements in return for a Green Card. The program was created by the Immigration Act of 1990 and is administered by the USCIS.

NES Financial – Flexible Escrows

Post Roadshow Highlights 2015

NES Financial Intelligent EB-5 Escrow Solution

The EB-5 process can be complex: between investor needs, project demands, and compliance requirements, issuers need more than just an off-the-shelf escrow solution. To find out how NES Financial’s Intelligent EB-5 Escrow Solutions make this complex process simple, watch the video now.

NES Financial Intelligent EB-5 Loan Administration Solution

Dan Yoder, President and COO of NES Financial, discusses the complexities of administrating loans in the EB-5 industry and how NES Financial’s Intelligent EB-5 Loan Administration Solution can streamline the process.

1031 Exchange Expertise

Augment EB-5 compliance with Klasko Compliance and NES Financial

NES Financial’s solutions enable accurate tracking and reporting; coordinating with Klasko compliance, provides issuers a more comprehensive EB-5 compliance strategy.

Medallion Partner Program Introduction Video

To ensure security, transparency, and compliance throughout the EB-5 process, an issuer needs the right immigration, securities, economic, and financial expertise.

What is EB-5? Welcome Video

The EB-5 program can be described as three things. Watch the video to learn more.

A safer, more secure, and more transparent 1031 exchange

NES Financial uses technology to deliver a safer, more secure, and transparent 1031 exchange.