NES Financial Sits Down with Our Newest Vice President to Discuss Regional Centers, EB-5, and More

NES Financial would like to introduce our newest Vice President of Business Development, Patrick Weir. Patrick recently joined us from Geothermal Regional Center (GRC), where he also served as VP of Business Development.

NES Financial: Welcome to the team Patrick! Tell me a little bit more about your background.

Patrick: Prior to NES Financial, I had the pleasure of working with Geothermal Regional Center based in Miami, Florida, which is also where I reside. I have experience working in the technology sector, including Alcatel-Lucent in emerging markets, and in the financial sector, including Barclays Bank PLC in international trade finance. I also have a Law Degree and received my MBA with a concentration in Finance.

NES Financial: What made you want to join NES Financial?      

Patrick: I was very familiar with NES Financial from my time with GRC. In fact, GRC had implemented NES Financial’s Escrow Administration Solutions. Not only did I experience the world class service, but also the added value the solution offered the Regional Center or developer through hands on practicality and simplicity. So when the opportunity arose to make the transition from the investor-focused side to the vendor side, I had already been sold. Based on my previous work experience, having the opportunity to work with a company that combined a technology-based financial solution such as NES Financial just seemed to fit like the proverbial glass slipper. The fact that NES Financial is a well-known market leader with a solid reputation and brand name was just the icing on the cake.

NES Financial: From a Regional Center perspective, what did you like most about NES Financial’s services?

Patrick: What I liked best? The efficiency and increased productivity the solution offered. It’s a cost effective administrative solution that afforded me the time to develop project opportunities instead of getting bogged down in the management of back-office administration. It came down to whether I would rather be developing business or tied down to a spreadsheet. With the click of a button, NES Financial provides all the document and fund flow tracking needed to meet USCIS requirements. It was a no brainer. Coming from the Regional Center side, I can tell you that the solutions and services provided by NES Financial are extremely beneficial to all Regional Centers. With NES Financial handling the back-office and administrative functions, Regional Centers and developers can focus on their core competencies.

NES Financial: What are some important things Regional Centers should know about NES Financial Solutions?

Patrick: The bottom line is that NES Financial’s EB-5 Solutions help Regional Centers increase efficiency and productivity. NES Financial tracks funds and documents through the entire EB-5 immigration process and the life cycle of the investment. Not to mention, everything is easy to set up and use. It’s really a great solution for any Regional Center or developer.

NES Financial: How have things been going so far?

Patrick: Things have been going really well. The EB-5 industry has taken off in the past several months, and we’re seeing an increase in the number of sophisticated developer projects that request our services. It’s great to see Regional Centers continuing to use us to help them meet their goals.

NES Financial: Thank you Patrick, and once again welcome!

Patrick: Thank you!

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