NES Financial EVP, Reid Thomas, to speak at ILW event

On Friday, December 13th NES Financial will sponsor the ILW EB-5 Summit for Attorneys and Developers in New York. We always enjoy these events because they attract industry leaders, immigration attorneys, and Regional Center principals. In addition, the speakers at the workshop are experts and cover the essential need to know EB-5 topics, including securities laws, project financing, and considerations in marketing projects to foreign investors.

Reid Thomas, NES Financial Executive Vice President, will speak at the summit focusing on the benefits of using an EB-5 service specialist for escrow and fund administration. Reid will discuss why managing funds in the EB-5 program is different and how Regional Centers and developers can streamline investors’ funds, produce required reporting and documentation, and stay in compliance.

If you’re interested in attending this seminar, please visit for registration details. If you’re unable to attend, check out our EB-5 Solution Kit which details how to streamline your escrow process, provide funds security, and promote greater visibility in account information for both Regional Centers and investors.

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