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NES Financial Deploys Next Generation eSTAC® Technology Platform to Accelerate Innovation

Traditional financial technology solutions cannot easily adapt to the rapidly changing needs of today’s financial markets. NES Financial’s eSTAC® technology platform is unique in the sense that it is designed and developed to be both highly configurable and scalable enough to support the latest innovations from the outset. Flexible, scalable, and customizable, eSTAC® is designed to provide the highest levels of security, transparency, audits, and compliance (STAC).

We recently announced the release of our fifth generation of technology, eSTAC®5, with enhanced capabilities to keep pace with the evolving business. Workflow automation, sub-accounting, document management, powerful data aggregation, and analysis and reporting are just some of the current capabilities that the eSTAC® platform provides users. The latest version, eSTAC®5 takes these features a step further.

The enhancements include specialized data analytics, predictive modeling, and mobile business intelligence. These will enable NES Financial to be able to deliver new solutions to the market faster than ever before.

“The ability to innovate in the markets we serve and deliver solutions rapidly is fundamental to our success,” said Reid Thomas, NES Financial Executive Vice President. “With eSTAC®5, we expect to introduce a number of new services this year that will extend our market leadership.”

Recently, we received the OutSystems Innovation Award for the fifth version of the platform.

“NES Financial continues to deliver innovative solutions to the market ahead of the competition,” said Mike Mattox, Principal of Washington Regional Center. “As the markets continue to rapidly evolve, the ability to do this even faster becomes increasingly more important.”

Some of the newest solutions built on this platform will be demonstrated in our company’s upcoming seminar series in February and March.

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