NES Financial and Klasko Compliance release agent due diligence guide

With more and more EB-5 projects on the market, choosing the right one can seem like an overwhelming process. But with immigration outcomes and a substantial sum of money on the line, selecting the right investment opportunity is essential.

Recent SEC actions against several allegedly fraudulent EB-5 projects have left many investors and agents wondering if their due diligence strategy is enough to protect themselves against fraudulent projects.

Most agents and investors review high-level aspects of EB-5 offerings and plans for job creation before committing to a project, but as recent allegations of fraud have proven, these strategies are not always enough. To ensure an investor’s funds are secure and safeguard immigration outcomes, due diligence must extend throughout the EB-5 lifecycle.

NES Financial has partnered with Medallion Partner Klasko Compliance to provide a comprehensive guide for agents and investors in English and Mandarin addressing due diligence at every stage of the EB-5 lifecycle.

To find out how agents and investors can safeguard against fraud, loss of funds, and unsuccessful immigration outcomes, download The EB-5 Lifecycle: A Due Diligence Perspective for Agents today!

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