EB-5 Affiliate Network and Reid Thomas joined in an EB-5 discussion talking over how navigating EB-5 Program parameters isn’t easy. Once an investor decides to participate in the EB-5 Program, selecting the right project is crucial for both obtaining a Green Card and safeguarding capital.

Because selecting and conducting diligence on EB-5 real estate projects can be such a daunting task, especially in light of forthcoming updates to the EB-5 program, EB5 Affiliate Network is hosting a webinar on Tuesday, September 17 called “How to Select an EB-5 Project: 5 Things That Matter Diligence Framework.”

The webinar is scheduled to run from 4:00 – 5:00 p.m. PDT.

NES Financial EVP Reid Thomas will be joining the webinar with EB5 Affiliate Network’s Sam Silverman and Michael Schoenfeld. The hosts will draw on their years of experience to lead a live discussion on how to approach investment in any EB-5 project.

The goal of Tuesday’s webinar is to distill the EB-5 process into five things that matter most for anyone reviewing an EB-5 project, and the webinar will highlight how those five considerations relate to the two key risk areas of any EB-5 project: immigration risk and financial risk.

EB5 Affiliate Network is a national EB-5 fund manager and consulting firm with more than $550 million in EB-5 investment capital across 15 regional centers covering 27 states.

NES Financial provides secure and transparent administration of funds and documentation throughout the entire EB-5 program life cycle with 700+ projects and $1.2B+ in EB-5 funds.

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Still not sure what you’ll learn on Tuesday? Here’s a sample of questions the webinar hosts will answer:

  • What is the step-by-step process for an EB-5 investor to receive a Green Card?
  • How do I select a high quality, low risk EB-5 project?
  • What are the 5 things that matter when selecting an EB-5 project?
  • What are the most important questions to ask an EB-5 project?
  • How will I view the status of my EB-5 investment?

If you can’t join Tuesday’s webinar at 4:00 p.m. PDT, you’ll still receive access to a video link with the recorded webinar even if you register and are unable to attend.

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