With an unprecedented increase in financial regulation at both the state and federal level, many homebuilders need new ways to streamline reporting and record keeping for their escrowed homebuyer deposits.

Many homebuilders I’ve spoken with tell me how their existing solutions for homebuilder escrow deposits are inefficient and expensive to maintain. Meanwhile, they’re faced with rising bank fees. They’ve also described how difficult it is to stay ahead of regulations that vary state by state. In reviewing our solution, they liked the dramatic reduction in bank fees, and they particularly liked the advanced reporting capabilities to comply with different regulations from state to state.

NES Financial’s comprehensive Homebuilder Escrow Solution efficiently manages escrow deposits while streamlining administrative processes.

Benefits provided by NES Financial’s Homebuilder Escrow Solution include:

  • Rapid and seamless deployment of a fully transparent, secure, and compliant escrow solution, with minimal up-front capital requirements from the homebuilder.
  • Streamlined reporting tasks to efficiently meet various state reporting requirements.
  • Full reporting capabilities such as generating, uploading, downloading, printing, and analyzing key escrow account and sub-account information.
  • 24/7 online visibility of the homebuilder’s escrow account activity in real-time through a password-protected portal.

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