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After Another Last-Minute Extension, Legislators Focus on EB-5 Reform

Diana Bell  /  National Real Estate Investor  /  May 4, 2017 While Congress extended the EB-5 program in its current form through September 30th, 2017, serious reform debates are underway, including: minimum investment amounts, stricter oversight and integrity measures, and reclassification of targeted employment areas (TEAs). Read Post

Special Immigrant Visa Worth Billions Faces D-Day

Kenneth Rapoza  /  Forbes  /  April 27, 2017 EB-5, one of the biggest merit-based immigration visa programs, expires April 28th 2017. Legislators will decide to reauthorize until September, or extend it with new rules proposed by Senators like Chuck Grassley of Iowa. Read Post

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Don’t Kill the “Golden Visa”, Expand It!

Michael Halloran  /  POLITICO  /   April 27, 2017 Controversy over headlines about the family of White House aide Jared Kushner cast a shadow over the EB-5 program. But CEO Michael Halloran advises Congress about the benefits of job creation, as well as the need for oversight and regulation. Read Post

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EB-5 Provision Renewal Stuck in Congressional Morass

Sondra Campanelli  /  Real Estate Finance & Investment  /  April 26, 2017 A provision in the EB-5 Immigrant Investment Program that governs EB-5 – a key funding source for commercial real estate development projects is stuck in limbo as lawmakers in congress debate a host of immigration, gerrymandering, and other reform issues. Read Post

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Tech Founder Fights Race Against Time for Immigrant Investors

Lisa Brown  /  /  April 21, 2017 Michael Halloran, Silicon Valley’s neutral ambassador in the EB-5 reform debate, has been on Capitol Hill, advocating for a bill that offers integrity and solutions, along with a large increase in jobs in commercial real estate in the process. Read Post

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How Our Nation’s Immigrants Can Help Fund Infrastructure

Michael Halloran  /  The Hill  /  April 21, 2017 Congress is about to advance a bill to extend the EB-5 program that could help fund much-needed American infrastructure projects at no cost to taxpayers, while simultaneously showcasing one approach to merit-based immigration. Read Post

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100,000 Immigrants and CRE Can Create 1.6 million Jobs

Michael Halloran  /  Commercial Property Executive  /  April 20 2017 Congress is working on an idea that would change the perception of EB-5.  A 100,000 increase in EB-5 visas annually could result in $100 billion in capital investment, scale to 1.6 million jobs -- and mean a $1 trillion infusion in development and infrastructure. Read [...]

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