Navigating EB-5 waters can be challenging and time-consuming. But assembling the right team of experts – including attorneys, analysts, researchers, economists, and business plan writers – can make all the difference for Regional Centers, project developers, business owners, franchisors, and even the investors. EB-5 experts can demystify the complex EB-5 process, paving the path for pain-free EB-5 approval. The right team will leverage its breadth of industry expertise and experience to guide business owners and investors in making the right choices for their needs and goals.

In the often daunting area of EB-5 and project development, having a single-source point-of-contact to “quarterback” the entire EB-5 process is essential. A quarterback plays the vital role of overseeing all project components, including Matter of Ho-compliant business plans, market feasibility studies, appraisals, economic impact reports, the multitude of required legal documentation, the filing process, and even fundraising coordination.

In NES Financial’s recently released eBook, Navigating a Changing EB-5 Sector: Insights from Experts, Lauren Cohen of Medallion Partner e-Council talks about the importance of having a single quarterback in your EB-5 process in an article that expands on the above paragraph.

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