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Importance of the EB-5 business plan

In an environment where lawyers, economists, and other professionals play important roles, it is easy to think of a document like a business plan to be of secondary importance. In the world of EB-5, one should bear in mind that the business plan is a critical part of the process.

In many ways, the business plan functions as a core of both the package being submitted to the USCIS as well as the marketing package. From the USCIS perspective, the business plan must reflect and comply with the laws and other directives governing the program, it must be consistent with the securities offering documents, and it must substantiate the inputs used in the economic impact report. As a result, the EB-5 business plan varies in many ways from regular business plans.

In NES Financial’s recently released eBook, Navigating a Changing EB-5 Sector: Insights from Experts, Phil Cohen of Medallion Partner Strategic Element discusses the importance of the EB-5 business plan in an article expanding on the above paragraphs.

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