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How to Set Up an Opportunity Zone Fund

Paul Marino and Richard Shamos, from the New York-based law firm Sadis and Goldberg LLP, discuss the various ways to structure an Opportunity Zone Fund, the acquisition process, executing a strategy, special investment considerations, and more. It’s foundational information not only for fund managers, but for all stakeholders in an Opportunity Zone Fund.

NES Financial is dedicated to mitigating risk and ensuring success for all stakeholders in the Opportunity Zone Program, by providing a purpose-built, technology-enabled Opportunity Zone Fund administration solution that delivers the highest levels of security, transparency and compliance.

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Insider Insights Series: Measuring Social Impact in Opportunity Zones

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Our first Opportunity Zone webinar attracted a diverse audience of investors, fund managers, project developers, entrepreneurs, and community leaders. During the webinar, we received questions from attendees covering a wide range of important topics related to the OZ program. With the help of industry experts at Novogradac and Company, Sadis and Goldberg LLP, and JMBM, we present answers to these questions for you to download and review.


An innovative economic development program, structured to simultaneously benefit struggling U.S. communities, developers, issuers, and investors. This article explains the background of the OZ program and NES Financial’s role in establishing OZ fund administration best practices.