I wanted to share a success story that one of my clients, USA Continental Regional Center had when working with NES Financial.

A little bit of background on this particular case; after its successful development of a medical imaging center that brought new biotech jobs to Murietta, CA, USA Continental Regional Center was ready to expand. Its next project is to develop a 45,000 square foot retail shopping center to further enhance the Riverside County community. To work more efficiently with its partners and investors, both foreign and domestic, the Regional Center needed a better way to organize, distribute and track documents, communications, and marketing collateral.

“We needed greater storage capacity and immediate, easy upload capabilities with the ability to offer investors visibility to their accounts from wherever and whenever they wanted,” said project manager, Charlene Kussner, at USA Continental Regional Center. “If foreign investors are considering a major investment with us, we want to ensure that they can keep track of their funds.”

To find out how NES Financial was able to help USA Continental Regional Center, read the case study here.

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