Since the implementation of cutoff dates for Chinese investors, many issuers have considered broadening their investor recruitment strategies outside of the saturated Chinese EB-5 marketplace.

In 2014, prior to the introduction of quota backlogs for Chinese investors, Chinese-born investors comprised 94.5% of EB-5 investors. In 2015, China remained the largest source of EB-5 investors but saw an 8% year-over-year decrease in total market share at 87%.

Though China remains the largest source of EB-5 investors by far, other Asian countries and South America have seen significant growth in market share of EB-5 investors in the last year.

Publicly available data from the USCIS and State department reflects only post-adjudication investors, representing those who subscribed to projects and filed I-526 petitions two or more year prior.

Because NES Financial’s data includes investors currently subscribing to projects, it more accurately reflects shifts in investor distribution that took place in the last year as a result of the cut-off.

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