A 1031 reverse exchange allows for the acquisition of a new asset before selling your existing one, while still receiving the benefit of deferred capital gains taxes. This type of exchange can be done for a variety of assets and provides the flexibility needed to make a 1031 exchange work while accommodating the needs of your business.

While there are many 1031 Qualified Intermediaries (QI) out there, many of them only work with real estate transactions and do not even have the capabilities of conducting reverse exchanges.

That’s why it is crucial to conduct your due diligence ahead of time, and when selecting a QI, it is best to choose one who has experience with several types of exchanges in various industries. NES Financial has unmatched experience and expertise in facilitating all types of 1031 exchanges. In fact, we are one of the few 1031 QIs who can handle complex reverse exchanges (along with forward, program, and specialty).

As the leader in 1031 reverse exchanges, NES Financial offers a highly experienced team of exchange specialists. In fact, our General Counsel is a recognized expert on 1031 reverse exchanges, having developed significant 1031 guidance during her tenure at the IRS National Office in Washington, D.C.

The right QI can make all the difference between a successful transaction and an unsuccessful one. 

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