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NES Financial and Leading EB-5 Companies Announce Groundbreaking EB-5 Redeployment Marketplace

NES Financial has entered into an agreement with Capital United and Greystone to launch a first-of-its-kind EB-5 Redeployment Marketplace designed to facilitate transactions between NCEs seeking to redeploy EB-5 investment capital and those offering risk-appropriate investment options.

As wait times for Chinese-born EB-5 investors surpass the average length of EB-5 development projects, the need for NCEs to “redeploy” EB-5 investment capital into secondary projects (to maintain the required “at risk” status of the funds) has become a challenging industry reality.

The EB-5 Redeployment Marketplace is a one-stop-shop solution connecting qualified NCE investors with high-quality investment opportunities, designed to satisfy USCIS requirements for redeploying EB-5 investment capital.

Comprehensive by design, the EB-5 Redeployment Marketplace covers the critically important areas of underwriting approval and due diligence of investment opportunities, as well as independent third-party investment advisory and fund administration oversight. All of which makes it easier to quickly and safely redeploy EB-5 investment capital.

Read the full press release by clicking here.

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