Many people may be under the impression that EB-5 Fund Administration is just like Fund Administration, but this cannot be less true. So what exactly are the major differences between the two?

  1. Unlike traditional Fund Administration, the end goal of EB-5 Fund Administration is not to yield a return from the investment. Investor motivation is much different here. The investor in EB-5 Fund Administration is an immigrant whose primary concern is receiving his/her green card, along with permanent residency for his/her family. 
  2. Thus, the stakes are always high and personal. If something were to go wrong within the process, the immigrant and his/her family could face deportation. This result is devastating to the family who, after living in the country for a couple of years with kids in school, are now forced to go back to their country of origin – which can be utterly embarrassing in some cultures.
  3. The regulations involved with the EB-5 program are unique and constantly evolving. The program has been subject to increased oversight from the USCIS and the SEC. As a result, it is imperative to either be well versed on rules and compliance requirements, or partner with someone who is. If the mandatory compliance requirements are not met, once again, the results can be devastating.
  4. Lastly, the tracking requirements involved with EB-5 Fund Administration extend beyond the financial. Achieving permanent resident status for an immigrant and his/her family also requires the tracking of the immigrant’s status and the project’s status throughout the process.

EB-5 Fund Administration requires a great deal of specialized expertise, so working with a traditional Fund Administrator is not going to cut it.

NES Financial has developed a unique solution designed specifically for EB-5 Fund Administration. The EB-5 Fund Administration solution provides automated workflows, real-time dashboards, and broad reporting functionality so you can streamline the EB-5 process and offer the security that builds investor trust. Our purpose-built solution delivers lower risk, seamless compliance, and significant workflow efficiency. When someone’s immigration status is on the line, it is imperative to go beyond spreadsheets and implement a solution that has been designed for that exact purpose.

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