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Prodigy Network Outlines Decision to Implement NES Financial’s Private Equity Fund Administration Solution

CFOs are entering 2017 with a focus to change the allocation of their team’s time away from fund accounting and regulatory compliance. While still essential to any deal, these middle and back office tasks are viewed as time-consuming and routine responsibilities that can be outsourced and replaced with ever-improving technology solutions.

As raising and deploying capital becomes more competitive heading into 2017, CFOs want to see their private equity teams spending more time on investment portfolio analytics, investor relations, and other areas that add value to the strategic direction of the organization.

Brian Newman, VP of Business Development at Prodigy Network, discusses winning in one of the most competitive markets in the industry with NES Financial’s private equity fund administration solution.

“The reason we’ve chosen to partner with NES—to help with our growth, to help with scalability, accounting, and using advanced technology solutions to help grow our business because we can only do so much. We’re focused on real estate, the platform, the marketing, and the administration component is very burdensome, and that’s why we’ve decided to work with NES,” says Newman.

“In terms of where they’ve brought the most value to us, I think the value comes from the expertise in technology, understanding the private equity industry and real estate, and also understanding the challenges that we face in terms of fund administration and the more technical financial components of real estate private equity.”

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