If you are in the EB-5 industry, you likely know NES Financial is the leading provider of EB-5 administration solutions. What you may not know is that our company began in the 1031 exchange industry, and as with EB-5, we are the industry leader in providing solutions for 1031 exchanges. In fact, on an annual basis we process more than $85 Billion in like-kind exchange funds.

Developing solutions that enable clients to raise, deploy, administer, and grow capital efficiently and safely are a hallmark of NES Financial. Whether it’s an EB-5 project or a 1031 exchange, each industry has similar requirements when it comes to our services. The need for funds security, transparency, and compliance are crucial to both an EB-5 project and a 1031 exchange.

With a 1031 exchange, it is very important for the Qualified Intermediary (QI) to keep your funds in a segregated account, as to not commingle them with other funds. 1031 exchangers should also know where there funds are at all times, with proper controls in place to avoid a failed exchange and loss of hard-earned money. Like EB-5, the 1031 exchange industry is governed by complex rules and regulations that must be followed to achieve success.

Our experience and expertise facilitating a wide range of 1031 exchanges is unparalleled. In fact, our General Counsel helped develop significant 1031 guidance during her tenure at the IRS National Office in Washington, D.C. Choosing NES Financial as your QI could make the difference between a successful exchange and an unsuccessful one.

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