The “Unlocking Foreign Capital through the Federal EB-5 Program” seminar in Portland, Oregon on March 30th was a huge success. Reid Thomas, Executive Vice President of NES Financial, discussed the importance of placing investor funds in escrow during the EB-5 capital raise process. Although not legally mandated, using escrows to hold investor funds is widely seen as a best practice. With an escrow, the escrow agent, typically a bank, oversees the deposit and disbursement of the funds, providing an extra layer of security to EB-5 Regional Centers and their investors. The use of an escrow reduces the risks associated with investing EB-5 funds in a project, either directly or through a loan to the developer, before it is certain that a Regional Center (I-924 Petition), its project (Exemplar), or an investor (I-526 Petition) will be approved by the USCIS. The escrow provides security and transparency of funds and funds movement, giving investors the confidence that they have chosen the best investment to achieve their immigration goals.

In addition to speaking, NES Financial was a sponsor of the reception, which brought together leading EB-5 industry professionals.

The next day, I attended Brian Su’s “The Bottom Line: Capturing EB-5 Capital in China and Korea” Executive Seminar. The seminar provided valuable information for educating EB-5 Regional Center executives on working with Chinese and Korean emigration brokers and investors.

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Feel free to email me with any questions you might have. Otherwise, I look forward to seeing you at the “IIUSA EB-5 International Investment & Economic Development Forum” on April 30th in Laguna Hills, CA.

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