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EB-5 Funds Are Not Just Limited to Real Estate Projects

As our recent press release highlights, EB-5 financing can be used for a variety of projects, not just real estate, that will appeal to potential investors.

For example, NES Financial just announced that WElkins, LLC has chosen our EB-5 Escrow Administration Solution to administer the funds associated with their groundbreaking personal cooling system project. WElkins, LLC uses a common core of NASA-derived technology to develop and deliver innovative microenvironment cooling systems that have applications across a wide spectrum, including the medical, military, and athletic industries.

The project provides a different opportunity for EB-5 investors, and it’s not the only one. The use of EB-5 financing for non-real estate projects has been growing in popularity with companies such as E3 Investment Group  and Mirzam Investor Green Card that utilize the EB-5 program for a variety of different projects not related to real estate development.

At NES Financial, our EB-5 Suite of Solutions can be used on all project types – real estate or not. Specifically designed for the EB-5 industry, these Solutions help Regional Centers and developers improve operating efficiency and focus on the core needs of the project.

Learn more about why WElkins, LLC chose NES Financial by reading the full press release.

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