Conversations at AILA Conference Highlight the Importance of Third Party EB-5 solutions

During the recent AILA Conference in Las Vegas, I had a conversation with an attendee at the NES Financial table that reminded me of the value our EB-5 Solutions bring to Regional Centers.

This particular person’s Regional Center (RC) had originally decided to work with their local bank to handle escrows during the subscription phase. Both the RC and the bank were getting quite frustrated with the whole process. Because this was the first EB-5 project for both parties, they had not anticipated the amount of work that would be involved, like handling all of the wires that were coming in from the investors and their families and friends. Being a small bank, OFAC screenings were done manually by bank personnel. But, the RC did not have the time or resources to deal with the bank issues because they were too busy with the capital raise and project development process.

This is a perfect example of all the nuances that are involved with the EB-5 program that new issuers don’t have to handle alone. Rather, relying on the experience and expertise of others can help ensure greater chance of success.

At NES Financial, we have experience working with over 150 Regional Centers and more than 350 EB-5 projects, so our Solutions are proven to increase efficiency, reduce cost and risk, and save time. On top of the administrative services we provide, our Medallion Partner Program can help new issuers find the right partners for other steps of the process as well, such as business plan writers, economists, and securities and immigration attorneys.

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