Bringing in the Experts: A Smoother Path to EB-5 Success

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As a real estate developer, seeking funding through the EB-5 program can be lucrative — competition for investors is high, but a well-structured project has the potential to fund quickly, and EB-5 investors aren’t typically focused on a large ROI.

However, the modern EB-5 environment is characterized by operational complexity and regulatory uncertainty, with many pitfalls awaiting the inexperienced and the unprepared.

Why then, would anybody try to go it alone?

Lauren Cohen’s advice in her 2017 article, “Bringing in the Experts: A Smoother Path to EB-5 Success,” has become, if anything, more relevant since its publication. She explains the importance of various professional roles to project success — from competent legal counsel to secure and efficient fund administration — with an emphasis on the importance of timing (hint: earlier is better). She also makes the argument for an EB-5 “quarterback” to help pull all the pieces together.

Read the article: “Bringing in the Experts: A Smoother Path to EB-5 Success

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