Brian Su’s South Florida EB-5 Finance Workshop, Professional Networking & Holiday Bash was well attended with many great informational speakers.  It was great to see many of our clients as well as many new faces in the industry.

One of the first speakers was JoAnne Clark of EB-5 Resource Center. She spoke about the unique nature of the EB-5 business plan compared to a standard business plan. She explained how the administrative role of the Regional Center is very important and labor intensive.  She also mentioned that escrow providers like NES Financial are a critical part of the EB-5 team one must assemble when starting a Regional Center.

The following speaker, Scott Barnhart, from Barnhart Economic Services explained that the latest RFE’s were focused on where investor funds were going.  Flow of money to the Project Phase is important to the USCIS; specifically they want to see the flow of money into the project. Our Construction Escrow and standard EB-5 escrows are good products to ensure this is available to the USCIS.

Also speaking was Ronnie Fieldstone of Arnstein & Lehr.  He spoke about what Regional Centers are doing to protect investors regarding tax consequences (pre-immigration), tax planning, limiting estate taxes and limiting income taxes. Ronnie is on a committee that is proposing to rate projects for the investor’s benefit by giving them a “Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.”

Finally, Brian Su spoke about the pipeline of EB-5 deals both handled by his firm and other notable projects in the EB-5 community. He talked about certain EB-5 scandals that have caused investors in China to ask many more questions of projects such as a South Korean Marketing Agent scandal in which the CEO was jailed.  He also mentioned another popular immigration program with the Chinese, the Cypress Real Estate program, that requires only $300K to buy property in Cypress and in return you establish residency and can travel anywhere in Europe.  It’s competing with the U.S. EB-5 program for investors.

We enjoyed attending this workshop and holiday bash and look forward to the Las Vegas EB-5 Capital Raising seminar on December 6th. Hope to see you there!

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