Fund Administration

To successfully raise and retain capital today, Private Equity Fund Managers need to reduce executional risk, improve compliance capabilities, and provide superior value to fund investors. That is exactly what our comprehensive, institutional-quality Fund Administration platform is designed to deliver.

Outsource fund administration to attract institutional investors

Private equity fund managers are increasingly looking for larger and more sophisticated investors, and institutional investors are committing larger and larger sums to private equity funds. According to London-based research firm Preqin, U.S.-based public pension funds allocate 6.8% of their total assets, or an average of $758M, to commercial real estate; private pension funds tie up 5.2% [...]

The art of onboarding for private equity fund administration

When looking for a partner to handle your private equity or real estate administration, it is important to understand their processes and experience, beginning with their onboarding philosophy. The onboarding process is the first and most important step of outsourcing fund administration for private equity funds. The key to achieving onboarding success is having a [...]

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3 questions to ask when outsourcing private equity fund administration

To many in the private equity and real estate fund sector, working with an independent fund administrator is rapidly proving to be an attractive alternative to going at it alone. Investor needs have driven increased demand for outsourced fund administration over the past few years. Many general partners are evaluating whether outsourcing their administration and [...]

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NES Financial sits down with our newest Vice President to discuss fund administration vs. EB-5 fund administration

NES Financial would like to introduce our newest Vice President of Business Development, Bonnie Novella. For more than two decades, Bonnie has been dealing with different types of alternative investments, from real estate development to private equity. While at Yardi Systems, she sold commercial, residential, and fund accounting systems and helped launch several new products. [...]

EB-5 fund administration – should you build in-house or outsource?

Some people think that traditional real estate fund administration and EB-5 fund administration are the same. In a recent blog post, I wrote about the four key differences and the importance of working with a fund administrator who understands them. After understanding the distinct specifications for EB-5 fund administration, an important question to consider is [...]

NES Financial quarterly update – Business remains strong

With the first quarter behind us, I thought it would be appropriate to update you on all the exciting things going on with our company. Business at NES Financial has been exceptionally strong this past year, and we have continued our commitment to delivering the highest quality solutions to our customers. As you may already [...]

NES Financial sits down with our newest Vice President to discuss fund administration in the EB-5 world

NES Financial would like to introduce our newest Vice President of Business Development, Jeff Drinkwater. Jeff has been on the institutional side of the financial services industry for over 20 years. He has consistently helped institutional clients outsource non-core business functions so that their firms can focus on doing what they do best. Jeff started [...]

NES Financial Success Strategies Webinar topics resonate with attendees

NES Financial recently held a webinar based on the successful seminar series, “Success Strategies for EB-5 Regional Centers.” The webinar reviewed the latest issues facing the EB-5 industry, current trends in EB-5 offerings, and their impacts on operating a Regional Center. NES Financial also introduced new solutions for streamlining EB-5 operations and enabling Regional Centers [...]

Fund Administration vs. EB-5 Fund Administration – 4 key differences

Many people may be under the impression that EB-5 Fund Administration is just like Fund Administration, but this cannot be less true. So what exactly are the major differences between the two? Unlike traditional Fund Administration, the end goal of EB-5 Fund Administration is not to yield a return from the investment. Investor motivation is [...]

NES Financial delivers strong 2013 year-end results and carries momentum into 2014

The commercial real estate industry as a whole saw over $1 trillion worth of transactions globally in 2013. Higher tax rates spurred an increase in the volume of 1031 exchange activity. The EB-5 sector continued to experience explosive growth, with over 140 Regional Centers being approved by the USCIS. As a result, it is safe [...]