Fund Administration

To successfully raise and retain capital today, Private Equity Fund Managers need to reduce executional risk, improve compliance capabilities, and provide superior value to fund investors. That is exactly what our comprehensive, institutional-quality Fund Administration platform is designed to deliver.

A culture of innovation and success

For nearly a decade, I've been a part of the NES Financial family. A decade. In Silicon Valley. In 2016. Yep, a decade. Why? To be totally transparent, it's a pretty simple answer: culture. We have great people, SMART people, and we choose to attack business problems with a focus on solving them the right [...]

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Preparing for audits in a complex regulatory environment

After Dodd-Frank required private equity managers to register with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), specialized units within the Division of Enforcement were created to audit funds. In a series of speeches from 2013 to 2016, the SEC showcased increased efforts and activity in regulatory oversight. Notably, the SEC announced approximately a dozen actions against PE firms, [...]

NES Financial Fund Administration Solution changes landscape for small and mid-sized private equity funds

NES Financial’s Fund Administration Solution has been met with overwhelming demand from small and mid-sized private equity funds. Designed to help any size PE fund successfully raise and retain capital by reducing executional risk, improving compliance capabilities, and providing superior value to fund investors, the Solution is quickly becoming an ideal choice of funds seeking [...]

Meeting investor demands for customized reporting

One of the challenges private equity firms face is a growing demand for specialized reporting requests and customized templates from investors. The demand for specific reports and personalized data is a significant change from the single-page PDF reports of the past. Limited partners expect higher quality and intelligent information in these reports, extending beyond operational information [...]

Cybersecurity: Prioritizing data security against cyber risk

One of the hot-button issues in almost all industries is cybersecurity. It has become a central topic of debate between presidential candidates, and has generated its fair share of sound bites, with both candidates pushing it as an immediate and top priority. Private equity firms, perhaps more so than other industries, need to follow suit. [...]

Personnel innovation in a changing private equity environment

Companies in the private equity industry have been evolving to meet a changing regulatory landscape after the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act authorized greater oversight of money managers. Many private equity firms found themselves under regulatory scrutiny for the first time. In 2014, the SEC reported findings of "violations of law or material weaknesses in controls over 50% of [...]

Data management in a data-driven world

In today’s rapidly changing market, private equity fund managers are finding themselves between a rock and a hard place. On one hand, firms are handling more data than ever. On the other hand, regulatory oversight and investor demands have been increasing with no signs of slowing down. While firms remain highly focused on growth and [...]

How to survive and thrive in an evolving regulatory landscape – The top 6 questions fund managers should be asking

In his Theory of Evolution, Darwin referenced survival of the fittest, a species’ ability to adapt to changes in its environment by developing characteristics that would help it survive. This adaptive ability typically develops in a species over time, sometimes taking hundreds or even thousands of years. In today's private equity fund administration climate, however, [...]

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Fund administration is not one-size-fits-all for private equity real estate funds

Since fund administrators represent a viable outsourcing solution for fund managers, how does a manager select an advisor? There are the large administrators that primarily service hedge fund managers who claim to provide services to private equity and real estate managers. However, these organizations are generally running private equity and real estate firms through a [...]

Outsource fund administration to meet regulatory requirements

Regulators are increasingly focusing on private equity and real estate fund managers. Among the priorities of the SEC for the current examination year are Expense Allocations, Asset Valuation, Cybersecurity, and Anti-Money Laundering. Former Director of the SEC’s Office of Compliance Examinations and Investigations, Andrew J. Bowden, described what he called a "remarkable level of lawbreaking [...]