Fund Administration

To successfully raise and retain capital today, Private Equity Fund Managers need to reduce executional risk, improve compliance capabilities, and provide superior value to fund investors. That is exactly what our comprehensive, institutional-quality Fund Administration platform is designed to deliver.

“Plumbing” or Strategic Engine? Privcap on the Evolution—and the Future—of PE Fund Administration

The days of black boxes and no-questions-asked financial returns are long gone. Growing pressures from both regulators and investors for more transparency and more rigorous reporting have led to a boon in third-party private equity fund administration services. That growth has been fueled by more than compliance and competition, however. An equally powerful driver is [...]

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Fund administration: From paperwork to strategic asset. An interview with NES Financial’s Michael Halloran

It’s becoming ever more complex to run a private equity fund back office. How do you take fund administration to the next level, from a cost center to a competitive advantage? Michael Halloran, chairman and chief executive of NES Financial, explains in this short video for PrivCap. General partners are facing new pressures and disruptions [...]

NES Financial Hires Michael Richards to Head Fund Accounting Team, Strengthen Private Equity Division

NES Financial recently hired Michael Richards, formerly of State Street Corporation, as Senior Vice President in charge of Fund Accounting. Mr. Richards joins NES Financial after nearly 18 years at State Street, where he honed an impressive investment skillset working in hedge fund and private equity fund administration within their Alternative Investment Solutions division. There, [...]

PE Advisory Board Member Bill Salus Discusses the Future of Fund Administration

Last March, we welcomed industry veteran Bill Salus to our Private Equity Advisory Board. With over 30 years of experience under his belt, Bill has held senior positions with some of the biggest names in the global investment and financial services industries, as well as influential boutique institutions. We sat down with Salus recently to discuss [...]

The Rise of Private Equity in EB-5 Project Capital Stacks

Since the 2008 financial crisis, EB-5 investment has enjoyed a prominent place in the capital stacks of some of the country’s largest and most prestigious developments. However, for the first half of this decade, EB-5 investment and traditional private equity rarely came together to fund the same project. This appears to be changing, according to [...]

How Private Equity Funds Are Addressing Talent Shortages and Talent Retention

Private equity funds have been evolving to meet the industry’s changing landscape. With greater investor demands, stricter regulatory scrutiny, and stronger market competition, it has become more important than ever for firms to strategize and spend to construct the ideal workforce. One major roadblock is the shortage of private equity talent. In order to build a [...]

The Onboarding Process: A Critical First Step

As private equity becomes more competitive, the debate over building out the middle and back-office versus using the services of a third-party fund administrator has shifted strongly in favor of outsourcing. When looking for private equity real estate fund administration partners, understanding their experience and processes are essential. For private equity fund administration outsourcing, [...]

NES Financial Announces Appointment of Bill Salus to Private Equity Advisory Board

NES Financial announced the appointment of seasoned private equity veteran Bill Salus to the Private Equity Advisory Board. With over 30 years of experience under his belt, Salus has held C-level positions at some of the biggest names in the global investment and financial services industry. In addition to serving on the Finance Commitee for the Ronald [...]

Prodigy Network Outlines Decision to Implement NES Financial’s Private Equity Fund Administration Solution

CFOs are entering 2017 with a focus to change the allocation of their team’s time away from fund accounting and regulatory compliance. While still essential to any deal, these middle and back office tasks are viewed as time-consuming and routine responsibilities that can be outsourced and replaced with ever-improving technology solutions. As raising and deploying capital [...]