Fund Administration

To successfully raise and retain capital today, Private Equity Fund Managers need to reduce executional risk, improve compliance capabilities, and provide superior value to fund investors. That is exactly what our comprehensive, institutional-quality Fund Administration platform is designed to deliver.

How NES Financial Is Positioned for the Future of Private Equity Fund Administration

Fund managers are facing multiple pressures, including raising and retaining capital, finding appropriate investment opportunities, and generating returns that exceed investor expectations. Their survival depends on an ability to adapt to the swift currents roiling the industry — including investor demands for greater transparency and ever-growing reporting complexity — without disrupting their primary objective of [...]

Can Your Fund Administrator Measure Quality? We Can

Remember the London Whale scandal of 2012? Most people do. But very few realize that the colossal $6+ billion loss was partially the result of a couple of faulty spreadsheet calculations. It doesn’t take a catastrophic, front-page event to understand that there is an opportunity cost to quality lapses. Errors and irregularities happen all the [...]

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NES Financial Completes SOC 1 Type 2

NES Financial successfully completed its annual compliance examination. As part of NES Financial’s commitment to minimize risk and maximize success for its clients, every year for the past 12 years, the company has voluntarily undergone rigorous third-party compliance examinations of its technologies, procedures, and control objectives. Formerly known as SAS 70 and SSAE 16, the SOC [...]

5 Qualities Every Private Equity Emerging Fund Manager Should Look For In A Fund Administrator

In an industry based on trust and compliance, your immediate focus must be on creating a solid platform from which you can raise more capital — so you can keep doing what you do best. Will Lopez, NES Financial’s Vice President and Engagement Manager, explains why the smart money is on outsourcing your back- and [...]

Bill Salus: Why Having a Sophisticated Private Equity Fund Administration Solution Is More Critical Than Ever

NES Financial Private Equity Advisory Board member Bill Salus discusses how shifting dynamics in the PE market are driving managers to seek a more rigorous — and strategic — fund administration model. Since the Madoff and 2008 financial crises, there’s been a strong push toward transparency across alternative asset classes. This push has come from [...]

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International Fundraising: Is the Reward Worth the Risk?

In a word: Yes. But only when you have a fund administrator by your side that’s well placed to help you tame the risk, and calm the complexity. With competition for limited partners and assets intensifying, the appeal of overseas capital is obvious. And there’s a mutual attraction between that capital and safe investments in [...]

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How do you take fund administration from paper pushing to a strategic asset?

The maturation of the alternative asset investment industry has propelled the growth of many related service providers, but few have grown as rapidly and with such significant impact as fund administration. Read the full report to find out how fund administration can take private equity to the next level. Read Full Report  

“Plumbing” or Strategic Engine? Privcap on the Evolution—and the Future—of PE Fund Administration

The days of black boxes and no-questions-asked financial returns are long gone. Growing pressures from both regulators and investors for more transparency and more rigorous reporting have led to a boon in third-party private equity fund administration services. That growth has been fueled by more than compliance and competition, however. An equally powerful driver is [...]

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Fund administration: From paperwork to strategic asset. An interview with NES Financial’s Michael Halloran

It’s becoming ever more complex to run a private equity fund back office. How do you take fund administration to the next level, from a cost center to a competitive advantage? Michael Halloran, chairman and chief executive of NES Financial, explains in this short video for PrivCap. General partners are facing new pressures and disruptions [...]