EB-5 Product Spotlight: Secure Drawdown Administration

At NES Financial, we pride ourselves on our secure administration of funds and documentation throughout the entire EB-5 project life cycle, without gaps, from the marketing and capital raise all the way through return of investment. This week, we had the opportunity to chat with our Assistant General Counsel, Jill Jones, about an often-overlooked piece [...]

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NES Financial will be a Platinum Sponsor at the 11th Annual IIUSA EB-5 Advocacy Conference

NES Financial will be a Platinum sponsor at the 11th Annual IIUSA EB-5 Advocacy Conference from April 22–24 in Washington DC. IIUSA is the leading trade association for EB-5 Regional Centers. This year’s conference will focus on advocating for the EB-5 program, promoting industry success and driving business development. It will also feature a new event: [...]

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Last Chance to Register for the 2018 EB-5 Data Insights Webinar

2018 EB-5 Data Insights Webinar. Sign Up Now for This Free One-Hour Webinar Wednesday, March 28, 2018 11 AM PT Register Now   It’s almost here! The 2018 EB-5 Data Insights Webinar will be held on Wednesday, March 28th. Register now for an exclusive first-hand look at our 2018 EB-5 industry analysis, supported by [...]

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NES Financial EB-5 Solution Suite Selected by Epelboim for Tru by Hilton Project

Epelboim Development Group (EDG), the firm behind the new Tru by Hilton hotel in Orlando, Florida, has selected NES Financial’s suite of EB-5 solutions for the project. Epelboim will utilize NES Financial’s EB-5 Capital, Process, and Accounting Administration Suites, which are designed to help developers raise and deploy EB-5 capital more quickly, minimize risk, and [...]

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Congratulations to Newly Approved EB-5 Regional Centers – March 2018 Edition

NES Financial would like to congratulate the following new Regional Centers on their USCIS approval: AHRC GA, LLC (Georgia) All American Investment Holdings, LLC (California) Ameri-Link Northeast Regional Center, LLC (California, New Jersey, New York) American Citizen Regional Center – Southern California LLC (California) American Equity Fund California, LLC (California) American Equity Fund, LLC (Connecticut, [...]

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“Great Year for EB-5”: 2018 Projections from NES Financial GM Reid Thomas

The EB-5 industry today finds itself in a peculiar historical moment — after years of starts and stalls, comprehensive legislative reform now seems right around the corner; eager issuers are pushing into new markets; and, at the same time, competition for investors is stronger than ever. Some actors are understandably nervous about the pace of [...]

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The 2018 EB-5 Data Insights Webinar (Register Now!)

Sign Up Now for This Free One-Hour Webinar Wednesday, March 28, 2018 11 AM PT Register Now   In an industry as dynamic as EB-5, staying abreast of the latest market trends can be crucial to business success. Each year, NES Financial’s proprietary data shines a light on how the latest macro trends are [...]

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Bringing in the Experts: A Smoother Path to EB-5 Success

Read the article   As a real estate developer, seeking funding through the EB-5 program can be lucrative — competition for investors is high, but a well-structured project has the potential to fund quickly, and EB-5 investors aren’t typically focused on a large ROI. However, the modern EB-5 environment is characterized by operational complexity [...]

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Parsing the Latest USCIS Redeployment Language

Read the article   Following on previous submissions by attorneys Julianne Opet and Osvaldo Torres, this week’s featured article discusses the often confounding matter of “redeployment” — the reinvestment of EB-5 funds necessary if, due to retrogression, the applicant’s I-829 petition has not yet been adjudicated at the time of initial project completion. In [...]

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Is USCIS Cracking Down on Single-Intermediary Currency Swaps from China?

Read the article   The Chinese government restricts the amount of capital that any one citizen may transfer out of the country to 50,000 USD (or equivalent) per annum. This presents a challenge to the thousands of Chinese applicants who begin the EB-5 process each year: with the current EB-5 investment minimum set at [...]

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