1031 Exchange

Haven’t considered a 1031 reverse exchange before? Now is the perfect time to do so

A 1031 reverse exchange allows for the acquisition of a new asset before selling your existing one, while still receiving the benefit of deferred capital gains taxes. This type of exchange can be done for a variety of assets and provides the flexibility needed to make a 1031 exchange work while accommodating the needs of [...]

Can buying and selling of multiple properties qualify for a 1031 exchange?

A typical 1031 exchange involves the buying and selling of one like-kind business or investment property for another. However, selling one property and acquiring several replacement like-kind properties or selling several properties and buying one replacement property is also allowed, assuming the exchange follows designated guidelines. Additionally, an investment property can be exchanged for a [...]

Tax straddle into 2017: The silver lining of 1031 exchanges

You may be unsure whether or not to sell your property using a 1031 exchange due to concerns about your ability to locate or complete the purchase of a suitable replacement property within the allowed time deadlines. Perhaps, in this case, the benefits of tax straddling will provide you with the silver lining that you [...]

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Join us at the ICSC Western Conference for a chance to win!

NES Financial is happy to announce that we will once again be attending the ICSC Western Conference, taking place September 16th-18th at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, CA. As markets grow ever more dynamic, the accessible, low-cost source of capital that is EB-5 and the tax benefits of a 1031 exchange can [...]

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What you should know about 1031 exchanges

If you are planning on selling and buying business or investment assets this year, a 1031 exchange is a great way to defer taxes on capital gains or depreciation recapture. So what types of assets are exchangeable? Generally all real estate is considered to be “like-kind.” However, in other types of exchanges, defining “like-kind” can [...]

NES Financial 1031 exchange services continue to garner high approval levels

At NES Financial we are committed to delivering the best customer experience. In our monthly 1031 exchange surveys, when asked about the quality of NES Financial's services, an overwhelming number of our clients polled were very satisfied with the level of service provided and their overall experience using NES Financial for their 1031 exchange. When [...]

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Sell your aircraft with a 1031 exchange and defer taxes

A 1031 exchange is the best way to help you defer taxes and save money when it’s time to sell your aircraft. Under IRC Section 1031, companies and individuals who exchange their old aircraft for a new one can achieve substantial tax savings by deferring capital gains tax or depreciation recapture upon the disposition of [...]

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A 1031 exchange can help you finance more leases and stay competitive

Leasing companies often seek ways to defer capital gains and depreciation recapture taxes on the disposition of their off-lease property. A 1031 exchange is a great way to lease more competitively by improving asset utilization and maximizing capital productivity. Using a 1031 exchange, your company can maximize its profitability and be more competitive in the [...]

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[VIDEO] Finding a 1031 exchange QI you can trust is key

For 1031 exchanges, choosing the right Qualified Intermediary is key. Security, transparency, and compliance are essential. As Alan Fruitman notes, “If any part is not done properly, the whole 1031 exchange can be unwound.” To find out why Fruitman uses NES Financial’s Solutions for his 1031 exchanges, watch now. Get more What is a 1031 [...]

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