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Article: The Impact of 2017 Tax Reform on Commercial Real Estate

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the most comprehensive tax reform effort since 1986, was enacted into law in December — and with it came significant changes in the day-to-day operations of many American industries. Today we present one of the most insightful pieces we've seen covering the impact of the TCJA on the commercial real [...]

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Under New Tax Law, 1031 Exchanges Limited to Real Estate Alone

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 was enacted into law late last month. And although there was some discussion, as tax reform proposals went through their various iterations last year, of either repealing 1031 or allowing full expensing of real estate, which would have essentially made those 1031 exchanges pointless, the final version [...]

Triple Net Leases and 1031 Exchange: An Interview with Alan Fruitman

We recently had the opportunity to talk Triple Net leases and 1031 with Alan Fruitman — a 25-year veteran of the real estate industry and a specialist in NNN (“Triple Net”) properties. Alan is the author of The NNN Triple Net Property Book and the founder of 1031tax.com, which maintains a subscription-only NNN property list, [...]

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Specialty 1031 Exchanges: Beyond Real Estate

The great majority of 1031 deals concern real estate and real estate alone. In these cases, the framework for the transaction is fairly straightforward: an exchanger engages a qualified intermediary, sells a property, and then uses the money to buy a new property within 180 days. In this way, taxes on any appreciation of the [...]

Why Having an Industry Leading Qualified Intermediary in 1031 Exchanges is a Step Towards Success

If you are a real estate broker, we realize that your customers are important to you and that is why it is more important than ever to have a Qualified Intermediary with experience and expertise in both Forward 1031 Exchanges and Reverse 1031 Exchanges. Because no two commercial real estate 1031 Exchanges are the same, [...]

Selecting the Right Qualified Intermediary in a 1031 Exchange

Given the unpredictable state of today’s economy, many companies are selling business or investment property and buying other investment assets. By using a 1031 exchange in this process, companies can defer capital gains and depreciation recapture taxes. One of the requirements of using a 1031 exchange is that funds must be held in banks with [...]

Considering a 1031 exchange? Here’s Why it Might be a Good Idea

Many people have business or investment property that they are looking to buy and sell but don’t want to have to pay unnecessary taxes on. If this applies to you, a 1031 exchange might be the way to go. A 1031 exchange is a great tool to defer taxes on capital gains or [...]

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What’s unique about a reverse 1031 exchange?

While a forward 1031 exchange allows you to first sell your investment property and then buy another one, a reverse 1031 exchange does just the opposite. So if you identify a property you want but still haven't sold your existing one, that is okay. A 1031 reverse exchange can be done for a variety of [...]

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Ensure your 1031 exchange funds are secure

In today’s increasingly complex economic environment, greater opportunities arise for mismanagement and misuse of funds, fraud, or even theft. With such unprecedented levels of risk, it is crucial to work with a qualified intermediary (QI) that does more. NES Financial was founded on the principle of delivering best practices. To help differentiate between outstanding and [...]

When referring your clients to a 1031 qualified intermediary, make sure you choose a proven leader

Commercial real estate brokers have many clients, each with different business needs. Whether clients' current strategies are to shift, consolidate, or diversify their portfolios, a 1031 exchange is always a good option to consider. 1031 exchanges are an excellent way to preserve capital and defer capital gains taxes. And no two 1031 exchanges are alike, [...]

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