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Griffin Capital Chooses NES Financial to Administer Opportunity Fund

NES Financial announced today that it has been contracted to provide its purpose-built Opportunity Zone Fund Administration Suite to Griffin Capital Company, a leading alternative investment asset manager with more than two decades of investment and real estate experience. Griffin Capital’s alternative investment solutions include non-listed real estate investment trusts (REITs), actively managed interval funds, [...]

DSTs Can Add Flexibility to a 1031 Exchange

Earlier this year we wrote about the growing market for 1031 exchanges using DST (Delaware Statutory Trust) investments as replacement property. Since then, interest in DST solutions for 1031 exchanges has continued to grow. A number of prospective 1031 exchange clients have shown interest in getting out of the property management business because they are [...]

NES Financial Recognized on San Francisco Business Times’ 2019 Greater Bay Area Fintech List

NES Financial, a Silicon Valley fintech company providing technology-enabled solutions for the efficient back- and middle-office administration of complex financial transactions, announced its debut on the annual Greater Bay Area fintech companies list. “Being named to the San Francisco Business Times’ Greater Bay Area FinTech list is a great honor and demonstrates NES Financial’s commitment [...]

Growing Market for 1031 DST (Delaware Statutory Trust) Investments

Originally published in the New England Real Estate Journal. Read the Original Article As part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act enacted in late December 2017, the definition of eligible property for Section 1031 exchanges was changed dramatically. After many decades of allowing exchanges of personal (i.e., non-real) property, Section 1031 treatment is [...]

NES Financial Selected as Preferred 1031 Exchange Accommodator and Opportunity Zone Fund Administrator to The Wealth Engineering Alliance

NES Financial has been selected as a preferred service provider to The Wealth Engineering Alliance (WEA), a division of The Financial Engineering Institute (FEI), and their client network of more than 2,200 wealth management firms. This agreement secures NES Financial’s place on WEA’s Expert Sourcing Team — a collection of financial service providers deemed best [...]

1031 Exchanges: Time’s Up! … Or Is It?

Although IRC Section 1031 exchanges may seem simple, that’s not always the case. Understanding the nuances of Section 1031 can make or break the success of your exchange. Here’s one example of a common misconception that can disqualify an otherwise straightforward 1031 exchange: How many times have you heard that you have 6 months, [...]

Article: The Impact of 2017 Tax Reform on Commercial Real Estate

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the most comprehensive tax reform effort since 1986, was enacted into law in December — and with it came significant changes in the day-to-day operations of many American industries. Today we present one of the most insightful pieces we've seen covering the impact of the TCJA on the commercial real [...]

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Under New Tax Law, 1031 Exchanges Limited to Real Estate Alone

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 was enacted into law late last month. And although there was some discussion, as tax reform proposals went through their various iterations last year, of either repealing 1031 or allowing full expensing of real estate, which would have essentially made those 1031 exchanges pointless, the final [...]

Triple Net Leases and 1031 Exchange: An Interview with Alan Fruitman

We recently had the opportunity to talk Triple Net leases and 1031 with Alan Fruitman — a 25-year veteran of the real estate industry and a specialist in NNN (“Triple Net”) properties. Alan is the author of The NNN Triple Net Property Book and the founder of 1031tax.com, which maintains a subscription-only NNN property [...]

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Specialty 1031 Exchanges: Beyond Real Estate

The great majority of 1031 exchange deals concern real estate and real estate alone. In these cases, the framework for the transaction is fairly straightforward: an exchanger engages a qualified intermediary, sells a property, and then uses the money to buy a new property within 180 days. In this way, taxes on any appreciation of [...]