The Simplest Solution to the Current Chinese EB-5 Backlog?

Read the article   The 2015 introduction of cutoff dates for mainland Chinese-born EB-5 investors has had profound impacts across the industry. With wait times for new applicants now estimated at well over 10 years, the EB-5 industry is struggling to adapt to declining immigration incentives among the once-dominant Chinese investor pool. Naturally, many [...]

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Could Independent Third Parties Help Your Regional Center Do More?

Read the article   For a bustling regional center, a standard team of experts is needed to handle matters of regulatory compliance and maximize investors’ chance of immigration success: a business plan writer, an economist, an immigration lawyer, etc. But is the basic EB-5 transaction team really enough? If you choose to go with [...]

Brazil Emerges as New Star in EB-5 Investment, With Further LatAm Growth Likely

Julian Montero / Daily Business Review / June 5, 2018 "Brazilians have been courted in recent years by U.S. developers seeking to raise capital through the EB-5 program. But last month, the industry took a big step to cement Brazil’s status as one of the fastest-growing players in the EB-5 world—a shift that could be [...]

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Congratulations to Newly Approved EB-5 Regional Centers – May 2018 Edition

NES Financial would like to congratulate the following new Regional Centers on their USCIS approval: Auric Ventures International Regional Center (Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania): Formosa Gardens Regional Center, LLC (Florida) Greystone EB5 Northwest RC (Oregon, Washington): Greystone EB5 West RC LLC (California, Nevada): K-Stone LLC (Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania) LD Capital [...]

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EB-5 Product Spotlight: Loan Administration Solution

At NES Financial, we pride ourselves on our secure administration of funds and documentation throughout the entire EB-5 project life cycle, without gaps, from the marketing and capital raise all the way through return of investment. Within this process, the handling and administration of the EB-5 loan arrangement is certainly one of the most important [...]

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The Value of Engagement Management in PE Fund Admin [Video]

Today, we’re excited to bring you the first installment of a new video series we’re calling the “Executive Briefing.” In this short video, Will Lopez, Vice President of Engagement Management, talks about his reasons for joining NES Financial, the role that engagement management plays in private equity fund administration excellence, and how technological efficiencies make [...]

EB-5 Partner Profile: Kevin Wright, Economist

As part of an ongoing series of profiles of our Medallion Partners, we recently had the chance to speak with EB-5 economist and industry veteran Kevin Wright about his work, emerging markets, and proposed reforms to EB-5. After a decade of independent operation, Kevin’s company merged into Baker Tilly in 2017. Read Kevin's answers to [...]

The 2018 IIUSA EB-5 Advocacy Conference Recap (with video!)

The IIUSA EB-5 Advocacy Conference is one of the highlights of the year for the EB-5 industry, and NES Financial featured prominently in last month’s meeting in Washington, DC. The 2018 Conference kicked off with the first-ever EB-5 Industry Achievement Banquet, at which NES Financial proudly accepted the “Industry Game Changer” award, recognizing our innovative [...]

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NES Financial Receives “Industry Game Changer” Award at the 1st Annual IIUSA EB-5 Achievement Banquet

NES Financial is proud to have received IIUSA’s “Industry Game Changer” award at the first-ever IIUSA EB-5 Achievement Banquet Award Ceremony, held on April 22 in conjunction with the 11th Annual EB-5 Advocacy Conference. “Industry Game Changer” recognizes one EB-5 industry provider which has unveiled innovative products or services over the past year, positively impacting the [...]

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Navigating EB-5 Project Challenges

Read the article   Investment in any development project will necessarily involve risk, and EB-5 investment carries its own particular challenges. From simple project failure, to fraud, to legislative reform — which has the potential to change the playing field mid-game — the possibility of disruptions to an EB-5 petition must not be ignored. [...]