NES Financial to Host “H-1B to EB-5” Visa Seminar

NES Financial will host a seminar next month titled “H-1B to EB-5: Stay Permanently, Work Anywhere.” The event will be aimed at educating current H-1B visa holders — in particular, Indian nationals — who wish to pursue U.S. permanent residency and employment freedom under the EB-5 visa program. This seminar will take place on Wednesday, [...]

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Cleveland International Fund pays $104.5 million back to investors

Cleveland International Fund/ Press Release / July 23, 2018 Trust essential to getting investors interested in CiF's work, says CEO The Cleveland International Fund (CiF) has successfully paid back $104.5 million to 209 individual investors in CiF's first two projects: University Hospitals' system- wide expansion and the first phase of the Flats East Bank development [...]

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How Transparent Is Your EB-5 Project Manager?

Read the article   When deciding on an EB-5 project to invest in, it goes without saying that investor due diligence is a critical part of the process. However, the most obvious metrics that investors and their attorneys often think to look at — for example, a given regional center’s track record of I-526 [...]

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Missed the EB-5 Capital Webinar? Check out the recording here.

Watch Recording   It’s no secret that raising and deploying EB-5 capital is becoming more complicated. Last week, we hosted a webinar featuring a panel of eight thought leaders from all across the industry, discussing the challenges and opportunities inherent to this new age of EB-5. Here’s a quick rundown of the subjects they [...]

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Congratulations to Newly Approved EB-5 Regional Centers – July 2018 Edition

NES Financial would like to congratulate the following new Regional Centers on their USCIS approval: Allstates QSR Regional Center, LLC (Connecticut, District of Columbia, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania) American Dream Group, LLC Regional Center (Washington) Art District Los Angeles Regional Center, LLC (California) Beresford Regional Center (California) Best Tire Center Regional Center, LLC (Texas) BridgeForth [...]

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Last Chance to Register for the EB-5 Capital Webinar

“EB-5 Capital: New Needs. New Sources.” — An NES Financial Webinar Thursday, July 19 | 11 AM Pacific | Free Register Now   It’s almost time! The EB-5 Capital Webinar will be held this Thursday, July 19th. Register now for this one-hour webinar, and listen in as our panel of industry experts discusses: The shifting [...]

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SEC Investigates Registration Violations in EB-5 Offerings

Read the article   Investments in an EB-5 project fall under the umbrella of “securities offerings,” and are therefore subject to oversight by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Under SEC rules, any entity making a securities offering must register as such, unless they meet specific criteria for exemption. And, as attorney Jor Law [...]

Upcoming Webinar on EB-5 Capital Challenges (Register Now!)

“EB-5 Capital: New Needs. New Sources.” — An NES Financial Webinar Thursday, July 19 | 11 AM Pacific | Free Register Now   You’ve felt the shift in the industry. Chinese inflows have declined, competition for investors is stronger than ever, and capital deployment is growing in complexity. This is a new era in EB-5, [...]

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EB-5 Product Spotlight: Fund Administration Solution

At NES Financial, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive administration of funds and documentation throughout the entire EB-5 project life cycle, without gaps, from the marketing and capital raise all the way through return of investment (including redeployment solutions, where applicable). Within this offering, our Fund Administration Solution is purpose-built and streamlined to track the [...]

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Do You Own Data Security? Or Does It Own You?

NES Financial EVP and General Manager Dan Yoder discusses the multiple threats PE funds face today — and why picking the right partner is a key business priority. Let’s start with the 30,000-feet viewpoint. What are the security issues that are — or should be — keeping general partners up at night? Broadly speaking, you can break down the [...]